Europipeline Group has always available some pieces of pipeline equipment in stock. Check out the list and see if something matches your site needs!

  • n° 2 FP120 mechanical pipelayers 120 tons (Second hand)
  • n° 1 PL95 hydrostatic pipelayer 95 tons (Brand new)

  • n° 1 Farm Tractors Fiat 100/90 (Second hand)


  • n° 4 Hydraulic Winch 40 tons (Brand new/Second Hand)

  • n°1 Complete Bending set 24” for 22″-36” bending machine (Brand new)

  • n° 1 Pneumatic Internal Clamp 28”-30” (Second hand)
  • n° 1 Pneumatic Internal Clamp 32”-34″ (Brand new)

  • Selection of external clamps (Brand new)

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