Euro Pipeline Group manufacture internal line-up clamps both for manual and automatic welding systems.Thanks to a well proven design our clamps provide the best alignment of the pipe ends before welding the root pass: they guarantee the maximum radial force to align the pipes in a precise and robust way saving time and increasing productivity.

All our clamps are in house manufactured and equipped with the best, safest and most reliable components available on the market. Over 40” the clamps are equipped with two pneumatic motors in order to ensure the proper displacement speed and enough power to operate in slope up to 20°.

For a cheap and effective solution for small projects we also have available External Line up clamps (both manual or hydraulic with jack up to 20 tons).

Main Features

  • Reliable single or twin pneumatic motor
  • Complete with 20 m rod and hoses
  • Easy to calibrate
  • Safety automatic brake

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