Euro Pipeline Group a partner for your projects

Along the years EPG has created its own fleet of pipelayers and pipeline equipment dedicated to rental. The dismountable tracks patented system results in an unbeatable advantage for Customers who want to rent a number of equipment, cutting up to 70% less their costs of mobilization.

Turn key solutions

Our rental formula is not limited to the rental of a piece of equipment but is enriched by a number of services such as:

– Cold rental: the essential formula of rental of the machine only

– Cold rental with maintenance: we take care of the ordinary and extra-ordinary maintenance with our technicians resident at site

– Hot Rental: the full package including also operators, the solution nearer to a subcontract

– Rent to Own: a financial option for customers that are planning equipment purchase on short-mid term.

All the above options can be integrated with mob/demob services

Our fleet is constantly growing: if you have need for a particular piece of equipment contact us!

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