Multipurpose Tractors

tp-15 and tp-18 tractors

Our TP tracked vehicles family is the perfect solution for pipeline welding and not only. It has been designed in compliance with the most common requirements of pipeline contractors: it is very light, flexible and stable, with plenty of room for equipment and easy access to the platform.

The TP-15 and TP-18 are designed to be easily maintained at site. All its components such as motors, cranes, hydraulics etc… are easily accessible and have been selected from top suppliers with a global after sales network: Customers are served in any place of the world.

Special care has been dedicated to the comfort of the driver:

  • the crane and the gas bottle rack can be operated from the cabin
  • the engine is sound proof
  • the cabin is mounted on shock adsorber for best comfort
  • upon request  A\C, Webasto and rear camera can be installed


Also safety has been taken into account and all the TP tractors adopt ROPS protection for the operators.

To give the maximum flexibility at site the platform is bolted to the frame: it can be replaced with other customized accessories and the tractor can be converted  in several versions such as:

  • Automatic Welding
  • Dumper
  • Crew transportation
  • Sandblasting
  • Induction Heating
Two sizes for any need
The TP-15 is a 10 tons vehicle light and easy to transport thanks to its 2,5 m width. It’s a bestseller in its sector and has been successfully used at site in South America, Europe, Middle East and North Africa. It’s the perfect piece of equipment for the mainline.

When carrying capacity is not enough the TP-18 is then the best choice: thanks to it 2,7 m width ensure a high stability together with impressive payload up to 8 tons. Ideal for double torch automatic welding systems or multiple inverter manual welding or to bring all the crew in line when steep areas need to be reached.

Welding Equipment Services

In order to provide a turn-key product Europipeline can deliver the paywelder already fitted with top brand welding inverters from Miller and Lincoln together with a dedicated diesel generator correctly sized for a reliable and quality welding at site.

Main Features

  • Robust and multipurpose vehicle
  • Easily adaptable thanks to the easy-to-dismantle platform
  • Caterpillar Stage V or Tier III engines
  • Steel or rubber chain available
  • Hydraulic bottle rack
  • Hydraulic crane up to 7 Tm


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