Bending is one of the most delicate processes in pipeline construction as remarked by the Contractors: our production is focused on efficient pipe bending machines, safe and easy to use.

Customized pipe bending machines

Our catalogue includes the light and cost effective machines for small diameters as well as cutting edge products, like the PBM-4856, designed to cover the most common big inches pipes keeping the equipment as light as possible. For more demanding project we have the special PBM-4860, able to bend pipes up to 60 inch – 40 mm wall thickness of X100 steel grade.

Available models

Euro Pipeline Group’s bending machines range is able to cover all onshore pipeline projects: from the very small flow lines 4” up to 60″ cross country transmission lines.
High quality cylinders, in-house design, efficient and reliable engines (Yanmar or Caterpillar according to the size) ensure high availability and performance:

  • Pipe Bending – PB 04”-16” (Yanmar Engine 17,6 kW, op. weight 2200 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 06”-20” (Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 7000 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 06”-24” (Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 7500 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 16”-30” (Yanmar Engine 35,4 kW, op. weight 13000 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 22”-36” (Yanmar Engine 47,5 kW, op. weight 21000 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 36”-48” (Caterpillar Engine 129 kW, op. weight 58000 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 48”-56” (Caterpillar Engine 168 kW, op. weight 70000 kg)
  • Pipe Bending – PB 48”-60” (Caterpillar Engine 168 kW, op. weight 110000 kg)

Main Features

  • Robust frame designed for high bending fatigue cycles
  • Safe and ergonomics for the operator
  • 4 ways PTO for mandrel feeding
  • Rubber wheel or steel tracks
  • Bare or lined bending sets


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